georgian cuisine and food
Georgian Cuisine

Georgian cuisine is a symbiosis of delicacies: a successful combination of meat and vegetables, seasoned with a huge variety of spices.

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japanese cuisine and food
Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine - long-living cuisine. All over the world, Japanese cuisine is considered the standard of healthy eating. Geography - one of the reasons for centuries of Japan's closeness to the world - largely determined the originality of Japanese food.

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chinese cuisine and food
Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine, with its rich history, uniqueness, variety of styles and traditions of cooking, is undoubtedly an important component of Chinese culture.

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thai cuisine and food
Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine was largely influenced by two factors: climate and culture, although the country's history, invasion and emigration play an important role in this respect. The influence of Burma, China and Cambodia also had a significant impact.

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italian cuisine and food
Italian Cuisine

Food is a timeless symbol of Italian culture. Italian cuisine and Italian food are part of their culture, and often part of every family's history. Many recipes are often passed down from generation to generation.

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russian cuisine
Russian Cuisine

For centuries, Russian cuisine has not been appreciated by European gourmets. However, despite the lack of international recognition, Russian cuisine has developed and has been enriched with new dishes and recipes.

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polish cuisine
Polish Cuisine

Polish cuisine in the Middle Ages was based on dishes from agricultural products (millet, rye, wheat), wild and farmed meats and fruits, herbs and local spices.

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