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italian cuisine and italian food

The popularity of italian kitchen

Food is a timeless symbol of Italian culture. Italian cuisine and Italian food are part of their culture, and often part of every family's history. Many recipes are often passed down from generation to generation. To get to know Italy, it is not enough to get to know its history, literature, music, architecture, painting and cinema. It is necessary to taste the amazing dishes that are on Italian tables.

In recent years, the original Italian cuisine has become one of the most popular and most desirable in the whole world. Many countries have opened many restaurants and cafes, cozy trattorias with home-like atmosphere, pizzerias and other dining options offering original Italian dishes and drinks. We can no longer imagine our table without pizza, pasta, risotto, polenta, lasagna, tiramisu and panna cotta, espresso, and cappuccino, excellent Italian wine. Recipes of some dishes appeared many centuries ago, others relatively recently.

For several centuries, Rome was a determinant of trends, also in the field of cooking, for countries that were united by this powerful empire. In this way, the Romans not only charted many roads in Europe with a total length of 250,000 to 300,000 kilometers (some of which were used for their intended purpose until the beginning of the 20th century) but also introduced local people into new products and cooking methods. The Romans did not spare money for wonderful feasts, and the authorities repeatedly issued laws limiting the number of dishes and the cost of products that were used during such ceremonies.

It is safe to say that Italian cuisine and culture go hand in hand. For Italians, food is not only a source of food that is necessary for life. Food is on par with architecture or art, it is an integral part of the history of this country. Italian cuisine defines this nation. Traditional Italian cuisine is popular in all corners of the world. Each region of Italy has its own local dishes, which often have nothing to do with the ordinary menu for residents of other parts of the country.

Italian cuisine abroad

Italian cuisine has been given a lot of attention abroad. Italian restaurants are among the most popular in the world. But do they actually have any connection with Italian cuisine? According to Italian experts, for example, food in 90% of Italian restaurants in the United States does not correspond to Italian cuisine at all. Most recipes from Italy are based on juicy, healthy and vitamin-rich foods that are missing in the US.

Diverse Italian cuisine means originality and individual character of dishes, preparation of which requires the use of fresh ingredients using vegetables, fruits and olive oil. All this, combined with a reasonable amount of wine, contributes to maintaining vitality because the basis of Italian food is only healthy food. It is thanks to a healthy diet, poor in fast food, Italians have much less overweight compared to other European nationalities. In addition, Italians do not love carbonated beverages and are not willing to ignore the consumption of fruit or vegetables, as is the case, for example, in American cuisine.

Italy fascinates with its beauty, it keeps close to customs and unusual culture. Regardless of what life is in Italy, Italians are always ready to pamper themselves with their favorite dishes and wine. The originality and richness of the recipes reflects the richness of the Italian nation. Food in Italy is more than recipes, it is a synonym of culture, tradition and love. When Italians want to show that they care about you, they prepare food for you. In Italy, cooking gives a sense of peace, happiness and security, and also shows the attitude of this nation to another human being.

What is the secret of italian dishes?

italian tomatoes, basil, mozzarela and oregano

Traditional Italian cuisine is a real treat, and every meal is a kind of ritual aimed at communicating with friends, and family. Italian national dishes are considered one of the most healthy and light, so setting out on a journey to this beautiful country, we do not have to worry about unnecessary kilograms. Italian dishes in every restaurant are always served fresh, because Italians consider it a bad way to prepare dishes from frozen fish or serving stale bread.

Italian cuisine has many advantages. Among them are clear, unusual combinations of products, simplicity and loyalty to tradition but above all Italian cuisine is not overloaded with meanings, which makes it understandable for everyone. Together with the French, it made a huge contribution to creating the world's culinary heritage. Now you can find an Italian restaurant or a modest pizzeria anywhere in the world.

Despite the huge variety of dishes, in the Italian cuisine there are three basic ingredients: Mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil. It is estimated that Italians consume more than sixty kilos of pasta per person per year. By comparison, Americans only eat about twenty kilos per person. In Italy, there are about 350 different forms and varieties of dried pasta. Italian cuisine is a real classic. It is famous for its rich aromas and exceptional care for every detail when preparing dishes. Italian cuisine is distinguished by the unique taste, aroma and appearance of products obtained from fresh ingredients. It is based on a wide range of vegetables (based on tomatoes) and spices and herbs: basil, oregano, coriander, tarragon, rosemary and thyme.

Of course, most of us associate Italian cuisine, such as baking various types of pasta and pizzas, which are the most popular Italian dishes. The proximity of the Mediterranean makes the climate conducive to the cultivation of olive trees. Italy is famous for its excellent olive oil. In addition, it is a base for many dishes in fresh seafood, which cooking method gives its own depth of flavor. Therefore, the Mediterranean diet is known as the healthiest diet in the world.

The specificity of Italian cuisine lies in the fact that the preparation of most dishes requires high skills of the chef. Not everyone can cook tasty lasagna or pizza. This is mainly due to the fact that many dishes used dough and pasta, which is made of flour of the highest quality with high gluten content. Italians widely use olives in their kitchen, which are served in many dishes, and olive oil, which gives dishes an unspeakable aroma and flavor (this can not be achieved with the use of sunflower oil). Of all kinds of oil in the Italian cuisine, only olive oil is used. There are also used fish and all kinds of seafood: shrimps, cuttlefish, crabs, mussels, lobsters, lobsters, etc.

We can not talk about Italian cuisine, not to mention Italian wine. Most Italian wines are produced in three main regions of Italy: Piedmont (Barolo), Venice (Amarone, Pinot Grigio etc.) and Tuscany (Chianti, Brunello). Other wine regions, such as Sicily, also produce very good wines. In this country, where wine production traditions have been around for several thousand years, about 250 varieties of grapes are grown and about three thousand wines are produced. Italy is the second largest wine producer in the world, it has only recently given way to France in this respect. In addition, the country is one of the main producers of vermouths and one of the recognized global leaders in the production of liqueurs.

Italian cuisine - personal experience

Understanding what food is in Italy is best based on personal experience. To make sure that food in Italy is not only an important part of people's everyday life is part of the nation's culture but you can also go on a gastronomic tour of the country. Italians are true gourmets, for them both the quality of the dishes and undoubtedly it must be on top, as well as the art of cooking. In Italy, culinary traditions are carefully preserved and passed down from generation to generation. Perhaps this is the secret to recognition and popularity of Italian cuisine around the world.

The specificity of the Italian national cuisine is not only the world-famous "brand" dishes and products. The culmination of Italians is their attitude to food, the cooking process and the culture of the meal.Italians often eat meals outside the home, so the restaurant culture is very developed. There are cafes and restaurants at every price level - from low to very high, which only a few can afford. Italian cuisine is considered one of the most popular and most interesting in the world. The ingredients used for these dishes reflect the warmth, the color, and diversity of this country.

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